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There are moments in your travels through the Craft that help to enhance your lessons taught in the Craft degrees of Blue Lodge. As Craftsmen, you work in that inner Temple to perfect the rough ashlar that resides in all Masons. 

As you travel and gain more knowledge in this Gentle Craft, we in the Valley of South Bend hope you look favorably towards our degrees to enhance your progress.  By offering a theatrical approach to degree delivery, the hope is that even though the message is conveyed to several of your brethren at the same time, the experience you take away from the lessons taught is truly singular. 

We offer a wide variety of events, both fraternal and family oriented which makes the Scottish Rite a unique caveat to the Masonic community.  I ask that you review our calendar of events and see for yourself the vast range of activities that are shared amongst Scottish Rite Masons, and hope that you agree that the money set aside for entry into the Valley is truly an investment worth making.

Even though we are located in South Bend our events and degrees cover the vast territory that makes up our Valley. Our travels bring with it top notch degree work, and Masonic education sure to awaken the senses of those both new and aged in the Craft. 

You have completed your first step toward advancement by reviewing this site. The next step is to contact a brother in your lodge who is also in the Scottish Rite, he can offer you any assistance you may need.  You can also contact the Scottish Rite directly or contact a Scottish Rite officer and they will offer the proper guidance to help you on your way to reaching your full potential in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

We look forward to meeting you as we travel through and hope that you join us in our endeavors.


Jim Marion (West)
George Burkley (East)


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